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Treehouse Cost

Treehouses are the epitome of childhood summers and an incredible way to transform your garden into a place of fun and excitement. The average treehouse cost in the UK is around £5,000, although you can find cheaper basic models, as well as luxurious treehouses that cost significantly more!

There is a vast amount of choice, with different materials, sizes, constructions and accessories. If you're interested in finding out the average cost for the design you have in mind, read on.

We'll cover all of the cost considerations, as well as some of the most popular treehouse materials, so you can get a good idea about what sort of quotations to expect.

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What are The Factors in a Treehouse Cost?

The primary elements that will affect your budget include the size and complexity of your treehouse. Simple treehouses usually cost around £5,000, but you can find some incredible treetop adventure playgrounds and elevated summerhouses that can cost tens of thousands of pounds.

It's well worth looking at some existing designs for inspiration if you're unsure what sort of style would suit your garden or property.

Let's work through some of the main cost factors:

  • Height. At higher elevations, treehouses may be trickier to erect and require specialist climbing equipment or towers to securely position the treehouse.
  • Access. Gardens, which are difficult to access, or in remote locations, can carry additional costs. Urban properties without vehicular access can also present a challenge for larger treehouses needing commercial vehicle delivery.
  • Structure. You can attach a treehouse into one large tree or might need to connect it to multiple trees. The more complex the connection structure, the higher the cost.
  • Accessories. A treehouse might be a simple wooden structure, or you might wish to make it a camping ground. Elaborate treehouses can even have electricity, solar lighting, and running water! If you need bespoke electrics or mains power connected to an existing treehouse, complete the Electrician Call Out quotation request form for comparable prices.
  • Materials. There are thousands of options from types of wood to roofing materials, finishes, panelling, paintwork and varnishes.

The beauty of a treehouse is that you can design it exactly as you imagine or can opt for pre-fabricated treehouse models that are ready to go, so the range of options is vast.

For more bespoke treehouse installations, such as adding running water or other amenities, you may need to contract a specialist - our Plumber Call Out Charges service will provide you with a range of quotes from local contractors who can help.

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Additional Considerations in the Cost of Your Treehouse

Other factors to think about include preparation works. If you need to clear away an area in your garden, cut down any branches or prepare the ground, you might need to schedule this before the treehouse can be installed. You may need to consider the location of existing outbuildings, or sheds, and if these need to be moved or demolished and rebuilt. Learn more about the cost of brick sheds.

Flatpack treehouses can be a cost-effective option, but it's vital to ensure you have the tools, equipment and skills to erect the treehouse safely and securely.

Many homeowners prefer to hire a professional to ensure their Flat Pack Assembly services are completed quickly, with attention to detail to guarantee each screw and component is assembled correctly. 

You'll also need a way for your little ones (or big kids!) to get to and from the treehouse, so the cost of ladders or climbing nets should be included in your treehouse cost quotation.

Breaking Down a Treehouse Cost Quotation

Each treehouse project is unique to your property since trees are natural frameworks for this outdoor play space and won't conform to any standard dimensions!

Most carpenters or craftspeople will break down their quotation to show you how the total has been calculated. That includes elements such as:

  • Labour - depending on the number of days of work required.
  • Materials - the wood and components to build the treehouse itself.
  • Furnishing - costs for any accessories or soft furnishings such as seating or curtains.
  • Preparation - time required for clearance work or preparing the tree.
  • Logistics - delivery of the treehouse itself.

Much depends on whether you're opting for a multi-functional double-decker treehouse, a traditional square construction, or something more bespoke.

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tree house costs

What are the Benefits of Having a Professional Carpenter Build and Fit my Treehouse?

Some keen DIY'ers choose to build and fit their own treehouse - and if you have all the skills, time and materials to do so, that's always an option!

However, it's vital to be conscious of safety and only take on this kind of project if you have carpentry experience and an understanding of the structural integrity of a raised treehouse.

Just as you would rely on carpentry skills to build a solid deck that would last for years to come, it's highly advisable to look at quotes before considering taking on the work yourself. Any weak connections or wood that hasn't been properly treated can cause a substantial fall hazard.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Treehouse Cost Quotations

Let's run through some of the most popular questions about the costs of installing a treehouse in your garden!

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Treehouse?

It depends on the size and location of the treehouse and your property. Most treehouses do need permission since they are elevated and might look into a neighbouring home.

How High Should My Treehouse Be?

Most carpenters will recommend a treehouse is around 10 feet from the ground at most, with safety rails to prevent any accidents.

How Many Years Does a Treehouse Last For?

Professionally constructed treehouses with proper wood treatments can last anywhere from a decade to 25 years and above! Maintaining the roof and wood will ensure it lasts for as long as possible.

Can I Build a Treehouse If I Don't Have Large Trees on My Property?

Yes! You can even build treehouses without any trees, using post supports underneath the structure specifically pressure-treated to be weight-bearing and withstand any strong winds.

Which is the Cheapest Type of Treehouse?

Pre-fabricated treehouses are usually the lowest cost option. Still, you will need to factor in the construction costs to ensure it is built safely and correctly.