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Stud Partition Wall Cost Per M2

Erecting a stud wall can be a great way to diversity spaces, increase the number of bedrooms in your property and create smaller rooms such as home offices. The average stud partition wall cost per m2 is around £100 - £150, so a price of between £750 to £1,000 for a standard-sized residential wall.

In this guide, we'll explore the cost factors, what to expect from a stud partition wall cost per m2, and what elements of the job will increase or reduce the price.

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Cost Factors in a Stud Partition Wall Cost Per M2

The main cost element in your partition wall quotation will be the specification of the work. If you need a simple stud wall, without any doorways or plug sockets, the average price is around £220 depending on the room's size.

Prices then increase with the complexity of the work:

  • Creating a partition with a doorway, door and architrave would increase that to about £340.
  • Including a radiator would raise the price to £550.
  • Keeping all of the above works and adding two electrical sockets and a ceiling light switch would add another £120 to the price, coming to £670.
  • Constructing stud partition walls in a bedroom to create an ensuite with a door would cost around £410.
  • Adding soundproofing to an ensuite partition would increase the cost by another £190.
  • Building an L-shaped partition to split a large room into two smaller L-shaped spaces would cost around £630.
  • Adding two electrical sockets per room and repositioning the ceiling sites with the removal of the old fitting would raise the cost to £920.

This demonstrates how important it is to request a quotation - because while prices vary between £750 and £1,000 for the average project, it's all dependent on how large the room is, the shape of the wall, and how many fittings you need to be included.

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Other Pricing Factors Impacting the Cost of a Stud Wall

Materials and labour are the main costs involved in building a stud partition wall - that includes:

  • Plasterboard
  • Timbers
  • Soundproofing or insulation where required
  • Skirting
  • Plaster
  • Architraves as needed

If your project is large or requires multiple doorways or new skirting installations, this will increase the cost of the materials but also the amount of labour necessary for the job.

UK average labour costs are £160 per person per day, so while a tradesperson could potentially build a plain wall in a couple of days, you might need a week or so for electrical work and any plumbing or pipework to be completed.

You can sometimes purchase the materials yourself and pay a tradesperson for their labour. However, this isn't always possible. A contractor is usually reluctant to rely on materials they haven't supplied since they can't guarantee the quality or whether the correct materials have been provided.

If purchasing materials directly from a trade counter, costs would be approximately:

  • £2 per metre for stud wall timbers.
  • Between £2.75 and £4.50 per m2 of plasterboard depending on the dimensions, thickness and edging.

Other requirements include corner beads, scrim tapes, skirting boards, insulation, long nails and screws.

It's also vital to make sure you've budgeted for the costs to decorate the new room - plasterboard itself won't be finished, so that might include wallpapering and painting, plus fitting new skirting if that hasn't been included in the quote.

Most homeowners will need to Move a Radiator or install a new one to cater to their fresh layout. You might need to account for a Plumber Callout if you are creating a new partition to build an ensuite or expand your bathroom size. Additionally, restructuring and creating rooms may provide a great opportunity to look at the cost of kitchen rewiring and kitchen wrapping costs for example, and to see what other elements about your existing home can be improved at the same time.

Finally, any electrical work such as fitting lighting, plug sockets or wiring will need to be carried out by a qualified electrician - you can request an Electrician Callout through our quotation service.

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What to Expect from a Stud Partition Wall Quote

Most quotations for a stud partition wall cost per m2 will be based on the dimensions provided - so it's essential to triple-check these!

Other professionals will quote an 'all-in' rate inclusive of their time, materials, and any waste disposal costs, usually if they have been provided with the measurements and know exactly the work's scope.

If your quote provides one price, it may be worth asking for that to be itemised so you can make like for like comparisons against other estimates, comparing factors such as:

  • The number of days works expected.
  • Labour cost per day.
  • Materials costs.
  • Charges for electrical or plumbing work.
  • Fees for the trims and any extra work.

We always recommend looking for three quotes for any home improvement works to ensure you get a good idea of the average prices!

Why Install a Stud Partition Wall in My Property?

As we've seen, the stud partition wall cost per m2 will depend primarily on how large the partition needs to be and the finishes required.

There are all sorts of reasons you might decide to erect a partition wall:

  • Create a separate home office or ensuite.
  • Separate larger spaces into individual rooms.
  • Build an extra bedroom in your home.
  • Erect a soundproof workshop or rehearsal space.

Suppose you're unsure about the best way to change your layout. In that case, you can always request a tradesperson to attend a site visit to assess where electrical points and load-bearing walls are to advise about the most straightforward solutions.

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FAQs - Cost of Building a Stud Partition Wall

Here we'll answer some of the most popular questions about building a stud partition wall!

What is the Purpose of a Stud Partition Wall?

Partition walls can be used as internal walls to separate living spaces or create a new room in our property. Partition walls are not load-bearing and cannot carry a structural load.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Build a Stud Wall?

Not usually, no. Internal stud walls don't change a property's structure, so rarely require permission - typically only in conversation areas or listed buildings where the rules are stricter.

Does a Stud Partition Wall Require a Building Regulations Inspection?

Any wall in a property needs to comply with building regulations. So it's essential to have a professional carry out the work to ensure the standards and materials are safe.

If you complete the work yourself, you can book a building regulations inspection to sign off the job as compliant.

Should My Stud Partition Wall be Insulated?

Yes, if you wish to reduce noise disturbances - insulation is usually recommended for bedrooms. There are lots of insulation types - typical materials might include 50 mm thick Rockwool, which costs around £5 per square metre for materials and labour.

Does My Location Impact My Stud Partition Wall Quote?

Yes, it can do, since prices in London and the southeast are around 5-10% higher than in other regions. Inner London trade prices are the highest in the UK, whereas the same project in the north-west could cost 12% less.