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Repiping a House Cost

If your plumbing is in poor condition and the whole system needs repiping, the total costs will vary depending on your property's size. The UK average repiping a house cost is £13,000 for a two-bedroom property, £15,000 for a three-bed house and £17,000 for a four-bedroom home.

Costs can vary above and below those averages and are affected by the property's size, the condition of the existing piping, and the floor span of the rooms themselves.

Your selection of piping materials will also be a factor in the price. Here we'll explain these variables in a little more detail to give you an indication as to what to budget for.

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Pricing Factors in a Repiping a House Cost Quotation

Every property is different, so there aren't standardised prices for a job like repiping a complete house.

Location will make a difference since central properties in London and throughout the southeast will usually pay more for plumbing services and other contractor work.

The condition of the property will also matter. Older, derelict or poorly maintained properties will cost more to repipe, which will likely be the case for new property purchases or renovation projects.

You might need to install new drainage and waste piping simultaneously, which will be in addition to the plumbing pipe material costs and incur additional labour hours. If you need any urgent Drain Repairs, it's best to book a callout to ensure the damage doesn't become any more serious.

Likewise, if you are replacing all of the piping for your central heating system, it's essential to ensure the boiler is also working correctly. A Boiler Repair Callout may be a cost-effective way to ensure the boiler is in good condition before all the piping is replaced.

Plumbers will also need to assess ease of access since the plumbing in some properties is very hard to reach. For example, lifting flooring, needing specialist access equipment or working in loft spaces with stable working platforms may be an extra pricing element.

Finally, you'll find that there are ranges of fixtures, fittings, components and piping materials, each of which will be included in your pricing quotation.

The below table shows the average costs for all labour and materials, depending on the scope of the repiping project:

Repiping project Average UK cost
Bathroom plumbing or repiping £1,675
Installing a central heating system £3,750
Repiping a two-bedroom house £13,000
Repiping a three-bedroom house £15,000
Repiping a four-bedroom house £17,000

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Additional Considerations in Your Repiping a House Cost

As well as the work itself, your budget will depend on whether any preparatory work is required before the plumbing can start. Waste disposal will also need to be accounted for, and so if you wish your plumber to remove and dispose of the old piping, you'll need to make sure this is included in the quotation.

Once the repiping has been finished, you will likely need to carry out decorative works. Pipes under floors will need to have been lifted to gain access, which could be as simple as relaying a carpet or needing to retile a floor.

You will also need paintwork and repairs and potentially other work such as Moving a Radiator if you are reconfiguring any of the living spaces in your home.

It's also important to decide how you want your piping to fit into the property. If you surface mount piping, it is exposed, but many homeowners are happy with the colour accent of copper pipes. If you wish to conceal the pipework, this will be more expensive.

Breaking Down a House Repiping Quote

Most quotes will be inclusive of all works required - but if you have one price without a breakdown, it's wise to ask for an itemised estimate, so you know whether you will need anything additional.

For example:

  • Is the labour charge fixed, per day, or per hour? If either of the latter, can your plumber indicate how many hours of work they think is required? The average UK labour cost is £160 per person per day, and often more for skilled plumbers, so this could be a significant cost element.
  • Are factors such as waste disposal and redecorating included in the price, or will you need to have these quoted separately or organise yourself?
  • What type of piping is included in the materials cost? Pipes could be copper, brass, steel, PVC or iron - and you might require a specific material or look for the most economical version, which will all impact the total cost.

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How Do I Know My House Needs Repiping?

The key indicator that your pipes need replacing is how old they are. If you're not sure, you can usually find this information in the property details or ask a plumber to take a look and let you know whether the system remains in good condition.

As a rough guide, the below shows how long typical piping installations are expected to last:

  • 80-100 years: supply pipes made of brass and galvanised steel and drain lines made from cast iron.
  • 70-80 years: supply pipes made of copper.
  • 25-40 years: PVC drain lines.

It would be best if you inspected properties 60 years old or above periodically to look for leaking, stains, discolouration and flaking - these are all signs of corrosion within the pipes that will only worsen over time.

Even small leaks can show breakages in the pipe lining materials, and if you have one leak, it's very likely more will start to crop up given that all the piping will be made from the same materials and be of the same age.

Rusty water that looks brown or yellow is a core indication that there is decay within your pipes, and a repiping project is required.

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FAQs - Repiping a House Cost

Here we'll answer some of the most common questions about repiping a house!

Can I Just Replace a Burst Water Pipe, or Do I Need to Repipe the Whole House?

The answer depends on why the water pipe has burst and whether the rest of the piping is still in decent condition. Replacing a burst pipe takes about two hours and costs around £100 - but if this is the first sign of a bigger problem, it's worth getting a quote for replacing all the rest of the pipes before more problems occur.

What Does it Cost to Repipe a Bathroom?

If you need to repipe one room or install piping in a new location, it will be less costly than repiping the whole house.

Plumbing in a bathroom costs around £1,675 and takes about a week.

How Can I Find a Plumber with Repiping Experience Near Me?

The easiest way to get cracking with your repiping project is to complete our quotation request form. You will receive pricing back from local plumbers who can provide a repiping service.

What Does My Repiping a House Cost Include?

In short, the plumber will remove all of the old water pipes and install new ones. The job can take around a week, although two or three weeks, for more significant properties or homes with more complex piping. You may also want to take a look at the cost of outside tap fitting, if external taps are something you are looking to have installed.

Should I Repipe my Property in Copper Pipe?

Copper is one of the most popular piping materials, and is highly durable and lasts for many years. However, it can be expensive, so it's a toss-up between the best quality piping that won't need replacing for decades and a cheaper repiping project that will need replacing sooner.