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Patio Door Replacement Cost

Older patio doors can become draughty, cold, and a significant source of energy loss. A complete patio door replacement cost starts from £1,000 up to £5,000 depending on the type of frame, size and complexity of the installation.

If you need to replace the glass, either due to breakage or to upgrade to a better form of glazing, you're looking at anything from £200 up to £800 for your patio door glass replacement cost UK.

Many factors impact those costs, and here we'll run through them to explain what sort of pricing to expect.

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What Makes a Difference to my Patio Door Replacement Cost?

First up, there is quite a difference in the cost of replacing a complete patio door unit and replacing solely the glazing. We'll look at each scenario in turn to explain the primary cost factors.

For a total patio door replacement, you need to consider:

  • Frame material - UPVC is one of the most commonly used frames and is the cheapest option from around £900 each. Aluminium is more costly and will come to approximately £1,800. Fibreglass and wood are more expensive again.
  • Glazing type - most patio door replacement costs include tempered or laminated glass, which is sturdier and provides better privacy. These treated glazing types will cost a little more than standard glass but last longer.
  • Door mechanism - patio doors come in a vast range of options. French doors start from £500 up to £1,500 plus. Double-panel sliding doors are less costly, from around £900, and triple-panel patio doors will come to £2,700 and up. Bi-fold panelled doors with four panels cost from £3,000 to replace.
  • Location - properties in central London and the southeast tend to cost more for their patio door replacement costs than in other regions. Rural properties with longer travel times may also cost slightly more.

If you need to replace the glazing, but not the door, the average patio door glass replacement cost UK depends on:

  • Condition - a good quality patio door with a simple glass breakage is more straightforward to repair than an older door. It may be worth replacing the frame at the same time. Likewise, an out-dated structure may not be compliant with standard-sized contemporary glazing, and any bespoke glass replacement will be more expensive.
  • Time - labour charges tend to be around £150 to £200 per day, and you will usually need at least two tradespeople depending on the size of the panes. 
  • Glazing type - double or triple-glazed panes will increase the cost but can be worthwhile in terms of energy efficiency given the size of patio door glazing.

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Additional Factors Impacting the Cost of Replacing Patio Doors

As well as the frame material, mechanism and glazing, there are a few other factors to budget for when replacing patio doors or replacing broken or inefficient glazing.

The first is around security since an unstable or broken patio door can be a severe safety risk. If you can't get the glass or the door replaced quickly, you might need to consider boarding up services.

This short-term repair involves putting temporary timber panels over the window to ensure this can't be tampered with, cause a safety risk, or make it an attractive prospect for criminals.

Still thinking about security, it's vital to have excellent quality locks. Patio doors that criminals can lift from their runners are a key break-in point. You can request a Locksmith Callout price to replace or repair locks through our quotation service.

Next up, it's essential to think about other repair works. You might need to hire a plasterer or decorator if you have opted for a new patio door frame. If you are replacing patio doors due to insulation issues and heat loss, a Boiler Inspection Callout could be a great way to ensure your heating system is working correctly.

Finally, it could be worth reassessing your radiator placement, particularly if swapping out older doors for modern double or triple-glazed versions. Improved insulation may mean you can look at the Costs to Move a Radiator to ensure the rest of your property is well heated.

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patio door replacement cost

Breaking Down the Cost of Patio Door Replacements

Most quotations will come with a breakdown to give you an idea of how the total price has been calculated.

However, it's essential to know what you are paying for and what is or isn't included so you can budget comprehensively for your patio door replacement project.

As we've seen, the frame material can make a substantial difference to the total cost, and the averages break down as:

Patio door frame material Average minimum cost Average maximum cost
UPVC £600 £1,200
Aluminium £1,000 £3,000
Wood £1,000 £2,000

Next, your quote will depend on how many days of labour are required. You might need a structural engineer visit to ensure the lintel above the door is sufficiently load-bearing and will need to know how many days of work are required.

  • Labour costs on average £160 per day in the UK, with patio door installation specialists charging from £40 to £80 per hour.
  • A structural engineer inspection costs around £100 per visit.

Your quote will also include the costs to demolish any existing frames, removing old glazing and remove all of the associated waste materials.  Skip hire costs from £100 to £200 depending on how many days it is required.

Finally, your pricing will depend on the type of patio door mechanism you have. Averages are below for some of the most popular patio doors:

Patio door mechanism Average minimum cost Average maximum cost
French doors £500 £1,500
Sliding doors £900 £2,700
Bi-fold doors £3,000 £3,500

Remember, if you are in any doubt about what is included in your quote or what materials have been included in the price, you can always consult your selected tradesperson before proceeding with the work.                                                                    

Benefits of Replacing a Patio Door

While there are many elements involved in a patio door replacement cost, or the patio door glass replacement cost UK, it's also critical that you have a sound quality installation. This craftsmanship will ensure your home isn't vulnerable to intruders and that it is adequately insulated.

There are multiple different options, so your frame choice will likely be dependent on the appearance, period and style of your property.

Some of the key signs your patio doors need replacing include:

  • Cold draughts and heat loss - you can check the seals and sash areas to see if there is heat escaping and cold air coming in.
  • Scratched, brittle or thin glass or panes that shift in high winds.
  • Low property energy-efficiency - it's also worth checking on your boiler performance to see if the problem is elsewhere or whether you need to take a look at your loft insulation, for example.
  • Tired and dated patio door frames - UPVC is one of the cheapest patio door frames, and a fresh, clean new frame can look contemporary. However, older frames can become tired, worn and stained.
  • The locking mechanism sticks, doesn't work, or is too easy to open - patio doors are one of the most accessible entry points for a property and can cause a serious security risk.

You might also choose to replace your patio doors to update the styling of your home. Traditional timbers complement the curb appeal of period homes, or you could opt for a slick sliding unit with custom finishes and colour to match the aesthetic of your property perfectly.

It's also best to look at replacing patio doors as soon as you become concerned with their performance or stability - both to mitigate any security risk and make the replacement works more straightforward.

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FAQs - Patio Door Replacement or Glazing Replacement Costs

Do you still have questions about the cost factors in replacing patio doors or glazing? Let's run through some of the most commonly asked questions about this home improvement project.

Can I Replace Just the Glazing on a Patio Door?

Yes, you can indeed - if the glass is smashed, scratched or brittle, it is crucial to replace it as quickly as possible. 

There are obvious hazards associated with broken glass, plus the potential for further damage to occur, such as rainwater ingress damaging floors, increased heat loss and security risks.

One option is to opt for a temporary boarding up service if you can't get the glazing replaced quickly. That contains the problem and cuts out any safety concerns.

It is significantly cheaper to replace just the glass panels, but if the patio doors themselves are worn or approaching the end of their usable life, it may be more cost-effective to opt for a complete replacement if the frame is likely to need changing in the next few years.

Why Do Patio Doors Shatter?

A broken patio door window can cause a considerable amount of damage, and these can shatter even without an impact.

Usually, that happens because a patio door hasn't been properly installed, with issues such as chipped edges making the glass loose in the frame and vulnerable.

If your patio door glass breaks without any apparent reason, likely, the installation wasn't correct, and over time the damage has caused the pane to crack or shatter.

Do I Need a Contractor to Replace a Patio Door?

Probably, yes. Patio doors are large, heavy, and expensive panes of glass, and unless you have professional glazing experience, it is highly inadvisable to try and fit this yourself.

You can pick up a patio door glazing panel for around £200 (up to approximately £800 depending on the size and type of glass), but installing this incorrectly can mean that:

  • Your patio door glass is at risk of shattering or cracking.
  • There is a security vulnerability with panes that criminals can easily lift out of the frame.
  • Locks do not work correctly.
  • Insurance may not cover the cost of any repairs following damage or a break-in.
  • Your heating costs increase due to poor energy-efficiency.

The main costs in replacing patio doors are in the frame, glazing, and labour, so if you do have experience in glazing and fitting patio doors, you can cut down on the budget - but it's only worth attempting if you have prior experience.

What is the Best Glass to Use for Replacing Patio Doors?

As with many of the cost factors, there is a range of glazing types to choose from. Some of the best options are more expensive but come with guarantees or warranties and are far more durable than standard glazing.

Options such as impact-resistant glass can withstand storms and even accidental knocks, making it more long-lasting and durable.

You can also choose glass with built-in grids, decorative glass finishes and tempered glass, which can add around 10% to 30% to the total glazing cost.

Which Type of Replacement Patio Door Should I Get?

If you're replacing the whole patio door unit, you might decide to opt for a similar style and mechanism or something different that fits into the same frame space.

Some of the popular patio doors include:

  • French doors, which are hinged at the centre and can swing in or out. These patio doors vary in price from cost-effective, simple options to premium custom designs.
  • Telescoping doors have three or more panels, each of which slide past the other to give an extended opening space. You can usually open the doors on either end.
  • Bi-fold doors work like an accordion and are typically the most expensive. They fold open entirely, leaving the maximum size opening space.

Total costs will depend on glazing, finishes and labour costs, but these three options range from the lower price (French doors) to the most expensive (bi-fold doors).

It is advisable to look for at least three quotes to get a good idea about the typical costs in your area, and to ensure you are getting a good deal.