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Muck Away Cost

A muck away service is a fantastic way to quickly clear away large volumes of rubbish, garden waste and building rubble. The average muck away cost, including disposal and the grab hire lorry, starts from around £160.

When compared to the costs of skip hire or manually removing building or garden waste, the price is often substantially lower than any other option!

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How Can I Calculate My Muck Away Cost?

The first thing any contractor will ask is what sort of waste you want to dispose of - because this can make a massive difference to the correct type of vehicle and what kind of costs you are looking at.

They will also need to know where you are located and whether there are any access issues. For example, a grab lorry can usually reach rubble, soil or waste around seven metres away and carry up to around 16 tonnes.

If you have a site that's tricky to reach or without direct road access, you may need a truck-mounted scoop bucket or hydraulic arms to ensure the driver can load your waste onto the lorry.

Still, the core factors will be:

  • The quantity of waste you need to dispose of. Most standard size grab trucks can carry around 12 to 15 cubic metres of waste, about the same as three large skips or six yard skips. If you have a large amount of wood, soil, waste or refuse, you may require a larger lorry, or multiple trips to clear, which will drive up the cost.
  • Access requirements. Costs include the hire of the vehicle, driver, loading, removal and disposal of your waste, and is a very cost-effective way to manage large quantities of rubbish. If your debris is located in a garden or waste site with challenging access requirements, this might cost slightly more depending on what restrictions are in place.
  • What sort of waste materials they are. Standard waste such as wood, garden waste, bricks, rubble and soil are relatively easy to dispose of - carriers will use a licensed waste disposal method to ensure any recyclable materials are responsibly used. Anything hazardous, such as chemicals, fly-tipped waste or contaminated soil, will require special treatment to avoid any health risks, and a higher cost should be expected.

The best way to get a clear idea about your muck away cost is to request a direct quotation. Contractors will take a look at what you need to dispose of and advise if any of the above cost factors apply.

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What are the Other Muck Away Cost Considerations?

If you have a smaller amount of waste, it will be cheaper to remove - but if your construction or renovation project is partway through, it may be better to wait until all of the waste is ready. 

Multiple trips will increase the total muck away budget, so it will reduce the overall expense if you can consolidate loads.

Another consideration is that you may need to think about cleaning or clearance work when the waste has been removed. That could mean a simple tidy of a yard, or it might be more extensive if you have any by-products left behind by your waste materials.

Very heavy waste can also cause property damage. If you have an extensive volume of rubbish, or significantly heavy loads, such as bricks or soil that have remained in situ for some time, it may be necessary to call out the professionals to look at:

Breaking Down the Costs of a Muck Away Service

As we've discovered, your quotation will cover multiple elements. It's normal for these to be rolled up in a 'per load' cost, which is easier to work with than individual factors.

However, it's worth checking that your quote includes all the services you need:

  • Full capacity muck away truck hire costs.
  • Whether there are limits on loading times or additional per hour charges.
  • Disposal - and any surcharges for non-standard materials.

It's vital to clarify if anything changes between your quotation and the collection date, especially the volume of waste or the nature of the rubbish. This might mean your contractor needs to use a different vehicle, change the disposal method, and revise the pricing.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Muck Away Service?

There are lots of reasons to opt for a muck away cost rather than relying on any other method of bulk waste disposal:

  • Rubbish is removed quickly, in one go, without any additional time or work required.
  • There are no licensing requirements.
  • Prices are much lower than hiring skips or clearing waste manually.
  • Suitable for remote locations with a range of vehicle options.

It's also ideal to use a licensed waste carrier since you know that they will responsibly dispose of any recyclable materials.

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FAQs - Muck Away Waste Clearance

Let's run through some of the most popular questions about a muck away service!

How Much Waste Can a Muck Away Truck Take in One Go?

Depending on the lorry's size, you can usually book a muck away carrier to remove up to 15 cubic metres at once. That is the equivalent of three large skip loads of waste.

Is a Muck Away Service Cheaper Than a Skip?

Yes, substantially so. Muck away truck hire starts from around £160, whereas the UK average price for a skip hire starts at £150 for four and a half cubic metres. Therefore you're looking at about £11 per cubic metre for muck away hire and £33 per cubic metre for skip hire.

What Waste Can I Dispose of Through a Muck Away Service?

Pretty much anything! Large waste volumes typically involve rubble, soil, building waste, garden waste, bricks and hardcore.

If you have any hazardous waste, you must let your contractor know as this will influence both the price and how they handle the rubbish.

How Long Does It Take to Load a Muck Away Truck?

Again, it depends on the type of waste! Most muck away lorries are loaded in half an hour at most if there is clear access.

Can I Load a Muck Away Truck Over a Wall?

You can indeed - extendable hydraulic arms mounted on a muck away lorry can reach over walls or fences.