Garage Demolition Cost

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Garage Demolition Cost

Demolishing a garage can be a great way to expand your outdoor space, clear room for an extension, or allow more natural light into your home. The average UK garage demolition cost starts at around £500, going up to £2,500 for more complex projects. 

There are lots of different cost factors involved, such as the size of the garage, whether it has any external walls, and what it's made out of. A panelled carport, for example, is much faster and cheaper to demolish than a robust brick-built garage.

Here we'll assess the most significant garage removal cost factors so you know where you stand.

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What Factors Impact My Garage Demolition Cost?

Demolition projects are undoubtedly faster and easier to manage through a professional contractor. They will usually roll up all of the associated costs into one quotation, including elements such as skip hire, waste disposal and the work itself.

Some professionals will quote per square foot or square metre, whereas others will provide a breakdown of the specific pricing elements relating to your demolition.

Costs will be affected by:

  • Whether the garage is detached or attached to your property. Connected garages cost more to demolish since they require more extensive planning, careful physical demolition, and repair works to the external walls of your home.
  • Size of the garage - oversized garages, higher walls, more robust roofing materials and thicker stalls or panels will cost more in terms of labour costs and the volume of waste removal required.
  • Materials; brick structures carrying a higher demolition cost due to the weight. Wooden framed garages or cinder block structures are usually faster and easier to take down. You can also sometimes sell by-products as salvage materials if they are reusable and in decent condition.
  • Complexity. Garages with running water or mains electricity will require specialist contractors to disconnect them before the demolition works can start safely. You might also decide to request quotes through our Plumber Call Out service or look through some Electrician Call Out quotes to prepare this work in advance.
  • Foundations - some garages have concrete slab foundations sitting underneath, which need to be removed and usually broken up into chunks. The thicker the foundation, the harder it is to demolish, and therefore the higher the labour costs will be.

If you're unsure of any of these factors, it is worthwhile asking your shortlisted demolition professionals for a site assessment to ensure they know exactly what materials and size of structure they are dealing with.

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What are the Additional Considerations Affecting My Garage Demolition Cost?

Other things to think about may also need to be factored into your garage demolition budget:

  • Planning permission if applicable. Most outbuildings won't need permission, but this depends on the cubic volume of the structure and whether it impacts the outward appearance of your property.
  • Whether there is any asbestos. Many garages built between 1940 and 1999 may have asbestos in the roof and potentially in other areas. This requires specialist removal and waste disposal, given the risk hazard.
  • Security of your property, if a door leading into your garage is now exposed to direct access into your home. You can use our Locksmith Call Out quotation form to compare the costs of replacing locks or installing security locks.
  • Geographical location. Properties in built-up urban areas may have challenges around skip hire permits, vehicular access for waste disposal lorries, and additional costs for emissions charges. Likewise, remote properties, which carry extra charges due to travelling distances, may be more expensive.

It's also essential to think about any groundwork required. If your garage was sitting on a concrete slab, you will likely need to carry out landscaping work or repairs to the ground underneath, depending on what you plan to do with this new layout once this has been broken up and removed.

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Garage Demolition Cost

Breaking Down a Garage Demolition Cost Quotation

Quotes for demolishing your garage will include multiple elements. Some contractors will provide a step-by-step pricing breakdown or allow you to provide some of the services yourself, such as skip hire.

Other demolition services have fixed price charges or might quote one price, in which case it is helpful to understand what goes into that total.

  • Labour - most garage demolitions take around one to two days, although that could be significantly more if you have a large, attached structure or a thick concrete foundation that requires removal. Costs per day can range from around £120 to £200 per person, depending on their experience and skill level.
  • Skip hire - costs depend on how many days, how large a skip, and how many empties are required. The average UK skip hire cost starts at around £220.
  • Waste Disposal fees - again, depending on the volume of waste, the nature of the materials, and any hazards such as asbestos, requiring a licensed waste management firm to ensure it is safely disposed of.

If in any doubt about the breakdown of your demolition cost, make sure to ask your contractor what is included, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

What are the Benefits of Demolishing a Garage?

There are many reasons you might decide to remove a garage structure from your property. They might include:

  • Extending your driveway, opening up more garden space, allowing more natural light into your property, or investing in a new garage with more modern construction materials and a larger capacity.
  • Seeding the land underneath your existing garage to bring more landscaping and wildlife into your property.
  • Safety concerns, if you have a garage that isn't used but attracts opportunist thieves and carries with it costs for replacing locks or damage to windows.
  • Increasing the value of your home by removing a tired old structure and expanding on the footprint of the outdoor space.
  • Making room for a new extension, carport, or garden shed (find out more about brick shed costs).
  • Installing external taps - learn more about the cost of outside tap fitting.

Many out-dated garages do include materials such as asbestos or are not configured to suit the space requirements for modern cars, and so replacing them or finding a better use can significantly improve the appearance and usability of your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Garage Demolition Costs

Choosing to demolish any structure comes with a raft of questions - let's answer some of the most common ones!

What Materials Can I Salvage From My Garage Demolition?

You can sell materials of high salvage value to offset the costs of the work. Common materials might include copper piping, quality brickwork, timbers and installed features such as sinks or radiators.

How Long Does it Take to Demolish a Garage?

Typically, this sort of demolition project only takes a couple of days. More complex structures might take longer or require repair works to the outside of the building when the demolition is complete but is unlikely to take more than a week at most.

Do I Need a Professional to Demolish My Garage?

Not always, but it is strongly advisable to hire a professional demolition contractor to carry out the work for you. There are multiple safety risks inherent in any demolition works, such as:

  • Falling debris
  • Working at height to remove roofing
  • Crushing risks
  • Collapsing walls

As well as knowing how to dismantle a garage stage by stage safely, a contractor will ensure that columns are secured and carefully removed, avoiding the potential for structural damage to your home and neighbouring properties.

They will also carry professional indemnity insurances to ensure that any damage caused by the demolition works is fully covered.

There are considerable factors involved in demolition, so if you choose to remove an old garage yourself, you will need to organise the skip hire and waste disposal. Still, you will always need a registered professional to deal with any asbestos.

What is the Best Way to Take Down a Garage?

Professionals use multiple demolition techniques, depending on the type of structure and property. Most garage demolitions are carried out by hand, given that they tend to be adjacent to properties and care is required to contain the resulting debris.

Commercial garage demolitions may be carried out top-down or using explosives. However, this is only used in more remote sites, with no public access, and usually for very large structures.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Demolish a Garage?

Not usually, no. However, properties in conservation areas or with listed status will always require permission to carry out any works that impact the structure of their property.

You can verify with your local planning authority if you are unsure whether permission is required.

Even where this is not necessary, it's essential to consider the impact of noise, waste disposal trucks and debris on neighbouring properties. It is always best to let your neighbours know in advance of the works taking place to minimise inconvenience.

Most demolitions will occur during typical working hours, with skip deliveries and removals also scheduled to ensure they don't take place at unsociable times.

Garage Demolition Cost