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Driveway Cleaning Cost

Cleaning a driveway can give your home an instant facelift and remove years of dirt and grime! The most significant variable in your driveway cleaning cost will be the size - with the average project costing around £300.

Commercial pressure washers can produce results in a fraction of the time it would take to clean a drive manually.

This guide will run through all of the main cost factors and the services you can choose between when looking at your driveway cleaning cost.

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Factors in Your Driveway Cleaning Cost

Driveway cleaning can be a general spruce up to remove dirt and pollution or can be a more in-depth job to remove lichen, moss and weeds that have started to take over. 

Jobs requiring serious cleaning can take longer and therefore cost more - and you might need to consider repair works if any plant growth has damaged the brickwork or paving underneath.

The primary cost will be the size of your driveway - some contractors will provide cost estimates per square metre or hour, but it's more typical to be given a price based on the drive's size as an 'all-in' cost.

Averages are:

  • £200 for a small drive, taking four to five hours.
  • £300 for a medium driveway, requiring six to seven hours.
  • £400+ for larger drives, requiring a full day's work.

If you're quoted per square metre, the typical pricing ranges between £8.50 and £12.50 per m2

You can also consider doing the job yourself, as some pressure washers are relatively affordable. However, the equipment used by professionals will be far more powerful and produce faster results - including removing ground-in dirt and stains that you can't wash away with a less robust jet washer.

Daily rates will depend on your region - averages can be around £160 per day, but more like £250 per day in London and the southeast.

Driveways in poor condition with a coating of moss or weeds will inevitably cost more to jet wash as the work will take longer. You might also be charged more if you have any damage or cracked paving since the tradesperson will need to seal the area.

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Other Price Factors to Be Aware Of in Cleaning a Driveway

Most of the time, a driveway clean will be a periodic job, and staying on top of it will prevent any build-up that requires more concentrated cleaning. However, if you've moved into a new property or need to clean up a driveway that hasn't attracted much attention in recent years, you might consider some additional services.

Sealing a driveway costs around £2 to £4 per square metre. This work fills cracks to prevent water from seeping through the paving and causing further damage.

Installing a driveway gate is another option, which can be a security asset and increase your property's saleable value. Adding in a security gate will add around £750 to your driveway repair budget.

It's also worth looking at any other repair works required to bring your drive back into good condition.

Cracked or damaged drains on or around the drive may require a Drain Survey to inspect their condition and possibly Drain Repairs. You might also look at Installing an Outdoor Tap to make future cleaning jobs easier for both vehicles and the driveway.

Understanding a Driveway Cleaning Cost Quotation

Your driveway cleaning quotation will usually provide a fixed rate for the job. In some cases, if you aren't sure of the size of the area or whether there is any underlying damage that requires sealing, you could be given an hourly rate.

We'd recommend measuring up before requesting a quote to help tradespeople give you as accurate pricing as they can.

Pricing is inclusive of materials, equipment and labour, and will usually be around:

  • £270 - £330 to clean and seal a smaller driveway.
  • £310 - £370 to clean and seal a medium drive.
  • £360 - £420 to clean and seal a more extensive driveway.

You could also request a quote solely for the cleaning - or only need to pay this element if there is minor damage or you don't require sealant.

That reduces the average pricing as follows:

  • £93 - £105 for a simple clean of a small drive.
  • £100 - £127 for a clean only of a medium driveway.
  • £125 - £152 for a clean without sealant on a larger driveway.

Please note that those are rough cost indications, and a more complex job could be quoted differently - and it is well worth having sealant applied to protect your drive and ensure it remains in good condition for the years to come.

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driveway cleaning cost

What is the Quickest Way to Clean a Driveway?

For most homeowners, the driveway cleaning cost is the most affordable way to bring their drive back into excellent condition. 

It usually takes about three hours to pressure wash a regular-sized driveway - but the total job may include:

  • Removing loose debris.
  • Spraying degreaser to loosen stains.
  • Scrubbing any stubborn stains or lichen to ensure the pressure washing will be effective.

While you can attempt this job yourself, it remains advisable to use a professional if you want to get the best finish possible.

Achieving a thorough driveway clean by hand is likely to take around triple the time it would when using a commercial standard pressure washer.

FAQs - Costs to Clean a Driveway

Still, have questions? Here we'll answer some of the common questions about the costs to have a driveway professionally cleaned.

Can a Pressure Washer Damage my Driveway?

Potentially yes, and if you use your own jet washer and apply too much power, you can potentially damage the concrete by using the wrong nozzle, spraying too closely, or not adjusting the pressure for each part of the drive.

It is highly advisable to use a professional to ensure your driveway isn't damaged.

How Long Does it Take a Professional to Jetwash a Drive?

While it depends on the drive's size and its condition, the typical job takes four or five hours for a small drive, six or seven hours for a medium driveway, and around eight hours for a larger area.

How Frequently Should a Driveway be Cleaned?

One of the reasons it's essential to have your driveway professionally cleaned is that it is easy to cause damage. Most drives need annual cleaning to ensure that dirt in the cracks is removed, and the sealant protects the paving from any water damage.

Is There a Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing a Driveway?

There is - although the outcome will be very similar. Power washing uses a hot water supply, whereas pressure washers use cold water. Power washing is usually more suitable for oil stains, a build-up of grime or mildew - a professional, will advise which method is most appropriate.

Can Cleaning My Driveway Treat Weeds?

Yes, driveway cleaning can remove dirt and oil from the paving, clear debris, provide weed control, eliminate lichen and moss, and decontaminate your driveway.