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Cost of Deep Cleaning House

There are many reasons you might need to cover the costs of deep cleaning house properties - for example, following the end of a tenancy or before moving into a new home. The UK average cost is £14.50 per hour. However, it depends on several factors.

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Factors in the Cost of Deep Cleaning House Properties

The first thing a deep cleaning service will likely ask is:

  • How big is the property?
  • Why do you need a deep clean?

Both of these will dictate your overall deep cleaning costs, and you can book specific services such as an end of tenancy deep clean or a deep clean after building works in advance if you know when you will require the work.

Of course, the larger the property, the more time will be required. You may need a team of deep cleaners for extensive homes, or where you require a fast turnaround on the deep clean, for example, if you have a new tenant arriving or are cleaning a holiday let that needs to be ready for the next booking.

Average pricing sits at around:

  • An hourly cost of £11 to £18.
  • An average of £18 per hour for after party cleaning.
  • Approximately £20 to £27 per hour for deep-cleaning services after builders have finished a project.

The reason for the clean matters, because it will impact what sort of work is needed, what cleaning materials are involved, and whether the deep cleaner will need to bring any specific equipment.

Deep cleans following building work can involve removing paint splashes, oil, large volumes of dust and even rubble. Given the extra work, the more physical nature of the clean, and the waste disposal costs, you can expect to pay more for this deep clean than a general property refresh.

Buy to let property deep cleans between tenants can also be higher, usually because you require a complete sanitisation service. Where there have been pets living at the property, or there is cigarette smoke damage, this might increase again.

Specialist services such as decontaminations following a pest infestation, fumigation to eradicate contaminants, or hazardous material removal will require a higher charge. They need to be carried out by qualified teams with the appropriate licensing.

Other bespoke jobs could include deep cleaning a property that has been uninhabited for some time, deep cleaning a commercial building, or providing trauma clean up services.

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Other Pricing Elements in a Deep Clean Project

As we’ve seen, most deep cleaning costs are quoted per hour and then will be finessed depending on the intensity of the cleaning task and how many rooms are involved. Larger homes with higher ceilings will inevitably cost more to deep clean and may require two or three cleaners at a time.

Full residential deep cleans usually include cleaning floors, walls, sinks, ovens, fridges and freezers, extractor hoods and any fitted appliances.

Deep cleaning bathrooms and living spaces tend to be included in the whole property price and could involve removing limescale, disinfecting bathroom suites, polishing internal windows, and cleaning all door handles, switches and sockets.

Other pricing will depend very much on the condition of the property. While deep cleaning usually relates solely to the interior of the home, you might require additional services, such as:

Finally, your location will impact the price. While we've given the UK averages, this will increase in London and the southeast by at least 10%, and more in premium postcode areas.

Breaking Down a Quotation Cost of Deep Cleaning House Properties

Usually, your cost of deep cleaning house properties will include an inclusive price for labour and materials - with specialist deep cleaning equipment and sanitisation materials.

However, it's vital to check whether the quote includes the cleaning apparatus and supplies or whether you will be expected to supply these - a specialist deep cleaning service will usually include all of this, plus removal of waste and rubbish materials collected in the process.

Some deep cleaning companies provide a cost per square metre, although this is usually for commercial projects. A residential deep clean is far more likely to be based on a total price, inclusive of labour, materials and waste removal - so if your quote isn't itemised, you can ask for this to be broken down to see what is included.

Averages for one-off cleans can be:

  • From £75 to £130 for a small one-bedroom apartment with one bathroom.
  • Starting at £130 to £200 for a three-bedroom property.

It's essential to provide a complete checklist of the work included and advise whether there are considerations such as pets or substantial picture windows that will take longer to clean and require extra cleaning supplies.

Specific surcharges include:

  • Cleaning residential properties where there have been pets.
  • Washing laundry or furnishings.
  • Deep cleaning the outside as well as the inside of windows.
  • Cleaning large picture windows or stained glass.
  • Fridge cleaning or defrosting freezers.
  • Cleaning inside of the oven, depending on whether it is a single or double.

These surcharges won't apply for end of tenancy deep cleans where there aren't any fitted appliances. Still, each cleaning service may vary in the specific jobs they expect to carry out, and your cleaner should quote any add ons, so you don't have any nasty surprises on your bill!

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What is Included in the Cost of Deep Cleaning House Properties?

Your cost of deep cleaning house properties should be detailed in a quotation or service specification explaining precisely what is and is not included.

Cleaners will usually itemise additional services and add-ons separately so you can decide whether you'd like to expand the scope of the deep cleaning. 

Although different companies will vary their standard deep cleaning packages, the usual services included are:

  • Washing blinds, ceiling fans, light fixtures, baseboards, lamps and woodwork.
  • Removing cobwebs and cleaning the outside of appliances.
  • Washing interior windows.
  • Disinfecting sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets.
  • Dusting and polishing furniture.
  • Washing stoves and backsplashes.
  • Vacuuming and mopping or steam cleaning floors.
  • Washing doors, stairs and counters.

You might also require additional disinfection treatments or decontaminants if there are any allergens or residues present - such as a pet having had a flea infestation or an issue with bugs.

It is vital to advise this before receiving your quote so that the cost will be accurate and so that the cleaner will have the right equipment with them to complete the job the first time.

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FAQs - The Costs of Deep Cleaning a House

Let's answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the costs and service included in deep cleaning a residential property.

What is the UK Average Cost of Deep Cleaning House Properties?

The exact cost for your deep clean will very much depend on the size of the property, how many rooms there are to be cleaned, why the deep clean is needed, and any specific services you require.

UK average residential deep cleans cost around £14.50 per hour, translating to about £130 for an apartment. However, an end of tenancy clean where more extensive washing of walls is required, or you need carpets to be washed, can cost more.

It's always wise to seek three quotations and to measure up the rooms to ensure your pricing is as accurate as possible.

What is the Difference Between a Regular Clean and a Deep Clean?

Regular cleans aim to keep a property tidy and neat and remove everyday dust and dirt that can accumulate. For example, vacuuming carpets, washing sinks and counters and dusting to ensure cobwebs don’t build up.

A deep clean is far more intensive and will include washing surfaces that a cleaner would only dust in a regular clean.

Deep cleans usually include moving appliances to clean behind them, washing down walls, sanitising bathrooms and kitchens and covering each space in every room more thoroughly. This will also be important before renovating existing rooms (see our pages on kitchen rewiring costs and the cost of kitchen wrapping for more information).

How Often Should a Property Be Deep Cleaned?

Much of the time, a deep clean is booked for a specific purpose, such as:

  • After building works.
  • When a tenancy has ended.
  • Before moving into a new property
  • After a party or event.
  • To prepare for a celebration.

Some homeowners also like to book a deep clean annually or every six months, mainly if there are medical reasons they need to be cautious about dust or if the property is adjacent to a busy road where pollutants can cause staining.

How Long Does a Residential Deep Clean Take?

The time required will vary significantly depending on the size of the property. Deep cleaning a small apartment might take three hours with two cleaners, but an average-sized house could take up to 12 hours of work, or six hours with two deep cleaners.

If you need the cleaning work to be completed by a deadline, you should include this in your quote request.

How Many Cleaners Will Carry Out a House Deep Clean?

One or two cleaners carry out most residential deep cleans. More significant properties or deep cleans with a deadline might require two, three or more professionals to ensure the clean is as thorough as always but completed in a faster time.