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About Householdcosts.co.uk

Who we are

Loftprices.co.uk was cofounded by Paul, Rich and Mike of Raindancer Ltd. We found that there is so much information regarding building projects that it can be hard to find explicit cost breakdowns and know how much your project will cost you. The company was founded to connect homeowners looking for reliable, reputable information with regards to project costs, with equally reliable contractors in their local area. We want to educate our readers in costs for popular household projects, whilst providing opportunities to local contractors in your area.

How does householdcosts.co.uk work?

Whether you’re looking to extend your house, build an outbuilding or call out an electrician quickly, Householdcosts.co.uk will connect you to the right contractor. Simply visit our contact page and follow the prompts on the contact form and we’ll connect you with reliable workers in your area who can provide you with a no obligation site visit and cost.

How many quotes will I get?

This depends on the number of contractors in your area and the type of job you need. We have access to a very large network of tradesmen so in most cases, you’ll be contacted by a minimum of three contractors. We believe in the power of saving money on projects by comparing costs and services. Across our extensive network of sites, we’ve helped thousands of customers to save money and find reputable contractors in their area.

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